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不想當伸縮軟膠 不想當終身監禁的黑豹 讓我自己永遠地欣賞我 在暗夜裡做最耀眼燈泡 *喜歡跟子彈賽跑 喜歡將體溫跟雪山比較 是我面孔愛與暴風爭拗 撞碎暴兩 壞氣候中離巢 #勇氣是要來便來 意志用汗來下載 要震撼到下世代 勇氣是要來便來 過障礙越難越愛 世界病了 但我的火花燦爛常在 it! just do it! don't stop! don't stop! do it! just do it! 一聲小小的叫吼 煙花都不可比這種火爆 遇到甚麼永遠目光一個 是對便去 熱血熱愛相交 Repeat * , # take what de take these Gen Y Cops do what ge gotta do they won't be stopped they hot, you popped, you know you get locked comin' at your ass like robocop whataa-kickin' back like a kung fu flick when you step in the place you know you're hit streets are blazin' like the wild wild west crazin' amazin' pull the glock outcha chest bombs, knives, guns, grenades dippin' in' n out movin' out of the shades the way de fight crime de seem to amaze so you got to get up and give dem their praise Repeat #