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一起應該多一百倍心跳 不一起該有十次眼眉調 得一分鐘應該想你一秒 但我不喜歡每一刻都對錶 *雙手應該分一半抱緊你 相戀應比各自快活神奇 相處應不遺餘力花心機 然而原諒我仍然極愛自己 I love you I love you 讓我全心喜歡你 留下眼 留下耳 陪著自己不給你 I owe you I owe you 讓我留低一口氣 欠你的一半情 沒有年期 來分開送贈你/逐天給你/來分開送給你 You see the world is out there waiting for me, that's why i wanna be as free as can be! I know that you've been good and you've been sweet, so don't put up a fight, just let it be! Well, i hope one day, while i'm missing you. And so will you be thinking of me! Then we can be together, to laugh about the past, but the love is still there for you and me. Repeat*